Bokamuso - Future

BOKAMUSO meaning - Future, is a collection that speaks to the love for “Home” expressed through African Contemporary Design, that is inclusive allowing multiple perspectives of what "Home" is, and feels like.

“In the development of this collection, I questioned and tinkered with the idea of home, whether “Home” could only be referred to as a place, a physical location of birth, or if the places we have called “Home” were due to a specific feeling that we’ve experienced through the atmosphere it gave, the radiance it brought, the objects we’ve interacted with in our present, childhood or from the memories we made”. Bonolo Chepape - Creative Director

After unpacking this one worded but heavy idea we could only make sense of it the way we’ve experienced home. "Home" as a feeling, that is experienced in a multitude of ways; sometimes experienced in the cheerful moments, sometimes remembered from the beautiful past, sometimes magically felt with others, sometimes gracefully shared with others, and sometimes it’s a feeling of love that seeps through design, spaces and objects that can be experienced with others to make them feel “HOME”.