Lulasclan Thuli scatter cushion digital printing on cotton from meet the other side of africa collection

Thuli scatter cushion

R 490
A little attitude, pink lipstick, bold prints, and a huge ‘Fro’ sounds like nothing
good oh! Thuli can’t live without. And when the heads turn, with all the bells & whistles you know her presence has stole the show. Thuli is a special one colourful and striped with such beauty and just enough confidence that often get’s confused with pride but who care’s about what they say, her mind whispers, because she knows that she is a leader and not a follower.
The queen and star of her own planet away with the mislead stories of beauty,
the fantasy dream of everything and everyone being perfect and flawless when the very flaws and imperfections are what makes us INDIVIDUALS. She is cut from a different clothe, one that is comfortable with it’s own beauty and is aware that her split ends, nappy hair and loose threads are what makes her beautiful.
* 50cm x50cm, medium size
* 100% quality print, on 100% cotton twill
* Plain white background
* Free shipping & delivery


* Scatters printed using eco friendly pigments and conventional water based screen printing inks free of solvents.

* Pigment printing may have a limited lifespan depending on the wash care treatment.

* We recommend a separate cold gentle hand wash.

* Avoid strong detergents, no bleach, no hard spinning, no excessive rubbing, no hot or industrial wash.