Lulasclan Mbali scatter cushion made of cotton digital print women with headwrap

Mbali scatter cushion

R 490
She blossoms like a wild flower, planted among weeds, and just like spring comes with joy so does she, a renewal and growth of the heart, body, mind and soul that’s what her presence brings. She is in a state of change, adapting & evolving because she knows that beauty is seasonal and nothing is permanent. Mbali the flower-child that captivates people with her ever changing beauty and a confidence that soars up high.
She is aware that society and the norm may try to change her and tell her that maybe beauty is this way and that way but just like a flower she knows her strand she knows that her colours are brighter then any other. The flower-child with a sense of quirky fashionable playfulness. She is like the wild flower that grows where ever the wind blows, and keeps blossoming where ever it goes. Mbali brings renewal to any home.
* 50cm x 50cm, medium size
* 100% quality print, on 100% cotton twill
* Plain white background
* Free shipping & delivery


* Scatters printed using eco friendly pigments and conventional water based screen printing inks free of solvents.

* Pigment printing may have a limited lifespan depending on the wash care treatment.

* We recommend a separate cold gentle hand wash.

* Avoid strong detergents, no bleach, no hard spinning, no excessive rubbing, no hot or industrial wash.