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Inspiration for a fashionable home blog showcasing fashion styles inspired by home decor


Fashion makes the world go round and every women needs a little black dress in their closet is what most women can agree on. It is no surprise that the world of fashion is taking shape and is as diverse as the multitudes of styles found within the design category. It speaks to the vast individuals of society, it can exert our exact emotions and has the physiological power to make us feel happy or sad, skinny or fat, loved by all or isolated. All of these emotions are wrapped up in a piece of garment which we choose to wear and in the colour we choose to wear it in, it gives us options and it’s either we like it or we don’t.


The world of design is filled with blurred lines, nothing exists in isolation but rather in harmony and co-habitation, we see this in Architecture and photography and now Fashion and Interior décor and so this leads up to our inspiration topic for today, I showcase my latest finds on inspiration that extends fashion styles into the interior living space, playing on the strong believe that if what we choose to wear is a reflection of our personalities, backgrounds and influences and sums us up in a piece of a beautifully structured garment then it makes sense that what we choose to put in our living spaces, apartments and homes is an extension of our closet the fashion style we have, the colours we love and most importantly how it all makes us feel.


Have a look at these fashion and interior decor inspiration pairs.


fashion inspiration pair with interior decor a morandi perandi dress with a wehkamp interior space


Choosing our thoughts and feelings

Just like fashion has the ability to draw positive vibes and create feelings of happiness and optimism for the future, our homes play an equal role. This can be achieved by translating our positive feelings and thoughts into the styling of our homes to create and channel this energy. We set the mood by carefully deciding on the objects we choose, to create those feelings of “welcoming, Calmness, serenity, peaceful, cheerful, jolly, that we want our homes to en-wrap.


colourful stripes fashion jumbsuit and dress paired with yellow and blue interior space



Each and every person has their favourite colour and this also happens to go along with a certain colour scheme that they may always find drown towards. Colours have the ability to represent who we are and what we feel, and most likey the colours that we are drawn to the most with our fashion styles is most like able to creep into our interior décor style, it could be slightly accented in our furniture or ART or boldly painted on our walls all with the intention of making us feel the way we would like to feel when we are in our comfort zone.


Green and Autumn brown interior room paired with a green and yellow dress


Finding Our Identity

We use fashion to explore and to find ourselves, we also wear fashion to validate our being and to make us stand out from the crowd. Our homes are often our voices that make deliberate statements about our found selves and identity formed from our fashion sense, they reflect our attitudes and what we deem most important in our lives, and often reveal what inspires us, where we come from and where we are headed.



lulasclan autumn colours and flamingo tropical wallpaper interior decor paired with olive army green rope jumpsuit


lulasclan pop art coat paired with soft pink and black interior lounge for inspiration home blog



Simplicity or eclectic, our lifestyle plays a huge role in how our living spaces are arranged , how well their organized and how much stuff we have in them. For the simple person who likes fashion for comfort and minimalism their space is most likely a representation of that style. Their minimalist nature effects the furniture pieces they choose and if they are constantly on the move an easy to navigate clutter free space could be ideal in comparison to the outgoing and bold personality type who loves and absorbs everything possible and embraces the concept of more is more. Their spaces are often bright with exaggerated pieces, social and represent that aspect of their lives which is outgoing and fun.


lulasclan fashionable home beinspired blog sequence jacket paired with modern musk coloured interior space



Your personality and fashion style can be reflected in the accessories you choose to have for your home, if you are blinged up and love the idea of diamonds are girls best friend then sequence, crystal, glass, bronze and copper décor accessories are your best go to items, The accessories you choose also show what type of life you aspire to have in the future, for those who love luxury, class sophistication and elegance is what draws you, after all it could match those Prada heels you keeping in your closet. It’s always nice to inject a bit of yourself in your space.


lulasclan fashiobale home beinspired blog showing pop inspired coat paired with art interior space


lulasclan fashionable home beinspired blog pop art inspired fashion sequence with pop art bob dylan poster interior decor

Your Fashionable style is yours to keep, we as people are constantly out searching for fashion garments and interior decor objects that speak to us and resonate with our life stories, whether our style is bright, bold, sophisticated or whimsical we are drawn to those design items that tell our stories best and differentiate us for the rest. Our individuality is key, and it is what makes us all unique and makes us happy or sad. Find your style and translate it into your home and if your don't have one, it's easy, shop what you love and it will all come together in one  prettypicture and at that moment you will know, who you are.


From Bonolo with love xxxo enjoy for space and be the best fashionable YOU. 



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