Heritage Knitted Throws

This collection draws inspiration from a nostalgic memory in time of both being a child and a mother, a personal reflection of what these blankets mean in this time, not only as a statement of beauty and appeal but unpacking the use of blankets and throws beyond them being objects of warmth and décor in our homes but objects to pass on to our own.

It’s both the traditional use and survival use that intrigued me. Traditionally so blankets are used as a medium to keep one warm a protection from hash climates, but in depth through traditional experience and traditional practices, the blanket becomes more than a device for warmth but holds a deeper significance, as a symbol of unity and gratitude between two families and in some instances it becomes an object of ease and performs the function of carrying a child, whilst in some traditions and cultures it becomes a medium of consolation and sweet comfort covering the head of a bereaved women. Although it is used in both pleasant and unpleasant ways, it was with the intention that when designing these blankets they should hero the women, the matriarchy forging the new path for her own lineage both celebrating the strong and nurturing role she plays in passing on what was taught to her unto future generations.

Designed as a special gift meant to be kept, shared & passed on, with the hope of forming an emotional connection with it’s viewer and a conversation of the role it will play in their lives, whether decorative, survival, comfort, a reminder of strength, reminder of love, a token of appreciation, symbol of unity, or a symbol of motherhood, I leave it to the viewer to discern how it fits into their lives.


Traditional cultures and tribes inspire the designs; an amalgamation of elements derived from each to form building blocks that welcome and present cultural design and its use in a contemporary way.