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In today’s blog I introduce our new series Pillow Talk where I get to delve in more on those comfy, beautiful shaped décor heroes we call scatter cushions. They seem to have the power to bring a space together and to evoke emotions whilst expressing the different personalities & styles we all love and share. 

Today I explore four scatters from our AfricanWest collection that are fit for Four design interior styles derived from inspiration that I have collected and found throughout the years from multiple inspiration sources. If your home, space or apartment encapsulates one of these Interior styles to be revealed shortly; then you in for a treat as I show you how you can magically turn your space into an attention grabbing sanctuary or city Arts-impress that oozes with personality and answers that question that all homeowners have buzzing in their minds every time they see a scatter they love, You guessed it No, YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH CUSHIONS, but you can’t now go want to put them all on the same couch . Don’t worry if your style is not yet revealed in today’s blog post there will be plenty more of inspiration and personality Interiors to be showcased and explored.



Lets kick it off with our self-developed style Contemporary New-Africa.

This is for all the global citizens, International Africans who do not categories their homes into one style but a mixture and influence of the various design elements across the world. A bit of African, A bit of the South, East & west all summed up in a well-coordinated room that tells a story of heritage, culture, travel and an immense love of life and freedom.

Three years back I stumbled across this image as I was surfing the Internet looking for inspiration and the blue-framed art work with the golden lipstick struck my attention. I love how this living room played with the use of squares and rectangles through out the theme from the rectangular couch, square pillows in neutral tones and yes, a pop of colour as well as the creative use of square and rectangle frames that serve as the backdrop of this well-organized space.

To top it off the black gives it a masculine with a famine touch look. If you looking for design ideas for your home think about the space’s desired purpose as well as the size of the space for a compact living room such as this one, focus on a few staple items. Such as a comfortable sofa and a coffee table then choose accent décor accessories that mimic, or complement the stable items. When it comes to accessories you can never go wrong with bold graphics and wall art so don’t be afraid to experiment invest in a good picture. Pair it with our Ndebele Minimal scatter cushion for the simple touch with a hint of colour and your space is ready to open it’s doors to good company.




If you are a fan of Yellow the colour of energy and happiness then this interior space will give you hints on how to bring in that invigorating feel-good colour into your space. I just loved how the concrete surrounding of the room was paired with organic decor elements to bring in that natural outdoor feel back to the inside. This will be a recurring trend in 2017 as the pantone Greenery has already established the need to bring the outdoors indoors and what better way to do that with furniture pieces that speak to nature.

 For the Boho-Bold who love to mix and match with a plethora of multi cultural pieces and stray away from geometry but rather choose to follow the intrinsic intuitive qualities that we all have in putting things together this space for me captures the personality of that Boho chic. If you would like to capture this look chose a base colour to start off and to set the mood for the room then use contrasting textures and shapes to give the space a personality mixing plastic with metal or nature with concrete is the perfect place to start.

 When choosing throw pillows the same rule applies of selecting different textured pillows and patterns to create an interest and depth to a blank couch or chair our Trinity stained glass scatter cushion brings an element of surprise to a room, use this single scatter as a statement piece in your space. For a Boho look more is more, but know when to stop when your 8th décor sense creeps in. Feel free to combine various styles for a look that is worldly and in all the more is more remember that a space needs to be practical.




We all know of that friend who loves pastels and is not a fan of bright colour clashes, if you are the Modern Minimal- Chic or know a friend this one is for you and her.

Wow, where do I begin, I think I am this girl although my work sometimes contrasts to this perfect pretty innocent picture but somehow a pastel inspired scatter always seems to creep up in my collections just like the Circa stained glass scatter which I think could fit perfectly in a space like this, so when I saw this interior space that looks like heaven filled with cherry blossoms I knew I had to include it. It’s funny how a mud brown couch is paired so perfectly with the colour scheme a colour that most people attach with the old, I also loved the minimal backdrop of the plain white wall with large windows which helps bring the living space to the forefront making it one giant center piece to draw it’s viewers. This room captures light, which is essential to a room if you want to create that airy, serene space. It is definitely an element to consider when creating any room, if the space is too dark and does not let in enough light you might just end up depressed, or want to stay in bed the whole day, so light is essential in revitalising us and of course seeing things clearly.

To soften Modern spaces use the softness and cushiness of pillows to round the hard edges of modern and contemporary furniture styles. The pink soft cushion lying so imperfectly on the rigid Modern brown couch helps break the ice and creates a welcoming effect. This room is all about shapes, neutral pastel tones and plenty of white. Which is Perfect for the Modern Minimal – chic.


Lulasclan_City-Scape-Art-impress-Interior-decor-Home- Ideas-DIY


For the City dwellers who witness Art on a daily basis this one is for you. I really love this space, stumbled upon it somewhere, and Kodos to the interior decorator for nailing this ARTFUL home. A play of red and green and a festival of colour pops is what this space represents with a burst of energy and childlike spirit which I love.

 If this style is for you and you live in a city full of Inspiration like Joburg’s, Greenside, Maboneng or Parktown this would be fitting for the Artful energy that surrounds these locations. And if you thinking of refurbishing and decorating your living space think about leaving room for living in your Living room don’t crowd your couch with pillows to a point where people don’t have enough space to sit but leave room for people to sit without having to rearrange your pillows or dropping some on the floor.

There is a time for everything and every pillow has it’s season so even with the pillow you so love to have on your couch give it a break and swap and change when in need of a new look. Use scatters as a way to pull a room together. With that being said, we love how this reference space has done just that as a way to balance the wall art that is the central focal point of the room.

The minimal use of scatters becomes tertiary whilst the forest green couch and red tub chair are also masterpieces in their own right. Pair this City-Scape Art-Impress look with our Bauhaus inspired scatter cushion to complete your Artful home.


I hope the inspiration found will inspire you to bring back the Art, Chic, Minimal or Boho back into your space, remember that your home is a reflection of you so make it YOU.

From me Bonolo, love your Home.



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