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Change is not the easiest thing one can go through, and whilst many of the times it can be challenging and painful, it is essential if we what to grow and become someone NEW.

With the new year fast setting in and cupid's arrow well on it's way to make some of us fall in love with all things design this Valentines day. It is not a surprise that the Pantone colour of the year Greenery will be taking charge and turning new leaves sooner then we all thought. The question is are you ready for change?, are you ready for a new home or, apartment, or just in need of a fresh take of life in your current space.

We've got all the answers In today's blog we reveal and showcase incredible spaces that bring renewal, a whole lot of change in the world of design and ideas on how you can bring some newness and that green magic into your home all in just 3 easy steps.


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A fresh coat of paint does away with the old and brings in the new. There is nothing that I love more then the smell of a new apartment that has traces of some pantone scents. It's the smell that brings to mind all the possibilities that exist within a new space. If you are a parent this is a great opportunity to have some fun in a paint fight or even a  finger painting exercise before the real professionals come in to do the job. 


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 Try sectioning the areas which you would like to have colour on, in a graphic way. White always helps in restoring the balance in a room so always try to have a bit of white creeping in. Add some texture to your wall to create an interesting visual effect.




Bring some life into your home by bringing in a few pot plants in varying lengths. Who said you can never have plants in a bathroom, think again and make your home feel like a private sanctuary.


We love these dining chairs by https://emfurn.com, what better way to bring in some colour in unexpected furniture objects. Add some natural wood textures to highlight the green.



You can never go wrong with a bit of pastel, pair it with our Thando scatter cushion to add some personality and if you are not so into the deep bright greens opt for something calming like mint.


From me Bonolo, have fun, grow, and blossom into your New Home, New YOU. XOXO 


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